Travel Technology

Travel Intelligence (T.I)

T.I. is about getting the best solution for you, using the tools and knowledge we can provide, giving more effective control to generate cost savings and other benefits.

Cheapest Airfares
Our business is designed to save you time and money. Whether you want a domestic internet fare or a complicated international ticket, we simultaneously check all sources including the internet, to provide you with the fare that suits your needs at the best available price.

People Power
Our people save you money and reduce your costs. Our team has an average of 20 years in travel, using that experience to determine the best possible deal each and every time.

Buying Power
Our size and growth gives us access to the best corporate rates. Use our buying power to save your business money on airfares, hotels and car hire. We will also negotiate specific corporate rates on your behalf with your preferred suppliers.

Hotel Savings
Maximise your savings by taking advantage of our hotel program which offers highly competitive rates and discounts on room rates worldwide.

Car Hire Savings
Our deals with major car hire companies give you access to the cheapest car hire options anywhere in the world.

 Business Reporting
You cannot monitor your travel policy and expenditure unless you can measure it. We utilise leading travel booking and reporting systems, Sabre Pacific and Sabre Agency Manager (SAM).

Providing up to 88 different reports, SAM has the ability to provide comprehensive detailed information on travel policy, cost savings and travel spend.

T.I. is vital for future planning and financial control of your travel needs.

Online Booking Tool (OBT)

We offer a corporate online booking engine with the ability to book standard published return flights and one-way combinable fares. Some of the main advantages of using an OBT in your business are outlined below:

  • Access all major airlines
  • Book an estimated 60,000 hotels
  • Access to 30 hire car companies
  • Travel policy enforcement
  • Print your own itineraries
  • View past, present and future trips
  • Access standard corporate fares
  • Company negotiated rates
  • Superior authorisation systems
  • Safe secure data encryption


Take the stress out of your business travellers’ experience by equipping them with TripCase, part of the HTG Sabre Business System. It’s the only traveller service platform that you need to travel with confidence and less stress.

TripCase is a web and mobile travel management platform that monitors trips and anticipates travellers’ needs. With TripCase, you will receive critical flight alerts, delay updates, weather, security notices and other valuable information when you need it most – and at no cost to you!

TripCase is fully integrated into the HTG Sabre Reservation System. In addition to accessing TripCase on the web at, smart phone users may also download the appropriate app for their device. From the TripCase website, travellers can quickly find apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.  Non smart phone users can point their mobile browser to, while tablet users can go to

The TripCase mobile app gives you the ability to quickly contact us with just a touch of a button. In addition to accessing TripCase on the web, travellers can import all bookings and itineraries into their TripCase accounts directly from the origin of booking. You are also able to import bookings from other sources by emailing Even after a trip has been imported to TripCase, trip details can continue to be updated to reflect changes.

Travellers using TripCase can enjoy a smoother travel experience with helpful and timely notifications in the TripStream. TripStream messages leverage booking, geo-location and time elements to deliver relevant information to travellers.

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© 2019 Hunter Travel Group Pty Ltd ABN 86 089 025 696. A11468